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September 2019 - Release of Daddy's girls


On 6th September, Charlie and Hunter take to the streets of Lambeth again, in their search for a killer who is breaking into houses in the dead of night and targeting the old and vulnerable. Will they catch their man? Or will a separate linked attack muddy the waters?

In a world where the public clamour for justice is becoming increasingly loud, will the actions of two daughters caught up in the crimes, dictate whether the final results of the investigation are 'right' or whether the lines of justice have been blurred.  



Hi Everyone.

I'm out and about on the hunt for new places to go  and new audiences. Recently I've been privileged to be asked to talk at several local libraries, book clubs and schools - and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get out and speak to local people, readers and aspiring writers. 

Most of my time is taken up writing or with family and friends - but I am hoping to become more involved in talks, events and literary festivals in the future. 

February 2019 - Paperback release.


January 2019 saw the release in paperback of Mummy's Favourite - my first Charlie Stafford book.

It's been fantastic to know my work is finally out in print. 

October 2019 - Paperback release of The Trophy Taker
In October 2019 'The Trophy Taker' will be released in paperback, hot on the heels of 'Mummy's Favourite'. Watch this space for the exact date and details. 


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